Summary of the project

Struggling with overweight? Thinking of engaging a personal trainer? The partnership of five excellent partners will provide high quality educational modules for care workers who work with people with mental health disorders. Physical activity is the more important for the target group of people with mental health disorders, since due to their illness they are at high risk of overweight and obesity. The partners are committed to improving the qualification of care workers in each participating country and to make the qualifications in partner countries more transparent and comparable (also a draft for ECVET credits). These educational modules will provide care workers with crucial information about the most common mental health disorders, healthy nutrition, a healthy lifestyles, workout, physiotherapeutics and basics about being a personal trainer. These modules will be available in the project web-page and will be available in the partners’ national languages (Slovenian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian) and in English.
Care workers working in different institutions and organisation with people with mental health problems are more vulnerable than the ‘general’ population. Therefore, it is especially important to provide these care workers with additional knowledge in order to respond to the requirements of their working place. However, it is well known that care workers specialised skills and knowledge to work with people with mental health disorders.
All partners are leading capacities in their field nationally with international reputation, which guarantees excellent project results.