Premier Pilates Kft

Premier Pilates kft is the organization overlooking and maintaining the standards and operations of the Premier Pilates studios network in Hungary. It is a rapidly growing, and expanding studio chain which provides, but not limited the following activities: recreation, group workout, fitness, prevention, rehabilitation, counselling about healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle, diagnostic and sport testing, as serves as a host for many educational and learning event about all above themes. All the studios have been designed and are catered from professional athletes to disabled (mentally and physically) persons, injured and operated people and give them a full benefit of proper body workout/rehabilitation etc.
The chain currently consists of 10 studios and over 20 expert physiotherapists.
A lot of the staff has been involved before in organizing various size of educational/recreational events, seminars, lectures to provide valuable information to the public about healthy living with several years of national and international experience.
All the above reference qualify Premier Pilates as an undisputable partner for the proposed partnership, since they bring in a lot of professional knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of healthy nutrition, personal training and workout.