Bodifit društvo

The association Bodifit was established in 1998. Their fields of activity are: sports, recreation, group workout, fitness, prevention, rehabilitation, counselling about healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle, diagnostic and sport testing, as also education and seminars about all above themes. The association also owns the trademark BODIFIT PROGRAM® which represents a solid core of professionalism in the field of sport and recreation. Bodifit has more than 3000 members, 42 expert members and 12 freelancers.
The two main fields of their wok are fitness and group workout. Within this framework they are running two fitness centers in Maribor and different workout programmes in 5 locations in Maribor and Ljubljana.
Bodifit is the organizer, or part of the organising committee, for the following events: Bodifit Convention (event with national and intrnational reknown presenters and lecturers for experts in the field of fitness, workout, health, prevention etc.), Bodifit Marathons (free-of-charge event for members, recreational sportsmen and experts), Bodifit Camp (5-day- event in Portorož with daily programme and internationally reknown presenters – meant for experts, members and others), Bodifit Seminars (vocational training for individuals working in the field of workout, fitness etc.), FZS Congresses (active participants at the yearly Congress of the Slovenian Fitness Asociation.
All the above reference qualify the association as an undisputable partner for the proposed partnership, since they bring in a lot of professional knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of healthy nutrition, personal training and workout.