Fundacion INTRAS

INTRAS, standing for Research and Treatment in Mental Health and Social Services, is a non-profit organisation founded in August 1994 and dedicated to high quality research and intervention in the mental health field. The organisation nowadays consists of 8 centres in 3 different provinces in Spain with over 80 psychiatrists, psychologists and professionals in socio-health and economic fields carrying out research, education and vocational training, clinical practice and psychosocial and labour rehabilitation programmes. The main target group of INTRAS consists of people suffering from mental disorders, whereby the organisation also performs activities and offers services to the disabled, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion in general. Years of professional work have brought INTRAS solid experience and excellent referential background both in the field of European projects and in development of new technologies, programmes and applications for cognitive rehabilitation, intervention and mental health treatment. The institution represented the Spanish Focal Point for the network Mental Health Europe (MHE) during 2010-2011 and is active member of the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR).

Fundación INTRAS is one of the entities in the region of Castilla y León that deliver the Initial Vocational Training Programme. This programme is addressed to young people between 16 and 21 years old with any kind of mental health problems, behaviour disorders and/or learning difficulties that are not able to follow conventional training. This training lasts for two years and prepares the pupils to become Administrative Services Assistant or Accommodation Assistant. It is structured in several modules about technical knowledge but also general knowledge and continuous reinforcement of some basic social skills that will allow them to better adapt to our society. Within this training, we also try to teach them healthy habits (i.e. every week we prepare the “healthy breakfast”) and promote sports and outdoor activities (i.e. they go to the swimming pool regularly) to improve their fitness while they improve their competences. One example of this commitment with healthy activities and its positive effect on the target group, is the INTRAS’ football team, the CD Duero, consisting of eleven people suffering from severe and prolongued mental illness. They play in several leagues at national but also international level.