Ozara Slovenija


Ozara Slovenija Nacionalno združenje za kakovost življenja, is a non-governmental (NGO) humanitarian organization, working in the field of social and health care. It offers different forms of psychosocial rehabilitation and support to people with mental health problems. With individual approach and joint planning we enable them to re-include in the social and working environment and also empower them for independent and better quality life. One of the main concerns of OZARA Slovenija is also supporting programmes and self-help and advocacy programmes for people with mental health problems and their relatives. Together with all these programmes, OZARA Slovenija also implements preventive activities, is active in publishing, education and the promotion of mental health. One of the main goals of the organisation is also to provide sufficient and ongoing education of carers and expert staff workers and ‘lay persons’ employed. Especially in the last five years we also concentrate on preventive activities trying to provide a solid starting point to assure better mental health of the general population. At the moment we employ a total number of 90 employees (at 21 locations all over the country) and have an own financial department with experts dealing with the financial and accounting issues. Due to the fact that the majority of the funding comes from the government and other public institutions we are subject to continuous revision and controlling.
Enjoying undisputable status of professional authority amongst the private non-profit non-governmental mental health institutions in Slovenia, OZARA brings crucial resources to the consortium by transferring its knowledge with regard to mental health rehabilitation and the needs identified in the field. It will act as the coordinating partner of the partnership, will participate in the development of the educational modules and in testing the results of the partnership. Due to the overall organisational and management capacities of the organisation the project coordination is in good hands with Ozara Slovenija. The organisation is a member of Mental Health Europe, GAMIAN and EUFAMI.