About the project

The main objective of the project is to raise the qualification of care workers. To achieve the objective all partners have agreed to develop and improve an educational programme and to train the staff (care workers).
The project will start with the analysis of existing training possibilities for care workers in the field of mental health. Based od the results of the analysis the partners will prepare a specialised educational training programme for care workers in the field of mental health, including the following five modules:
1. Basic knowledge on the most common mental health disorders,
2. Healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition,
3. Workout (individual, group etc.),
4. Physiotherapist basics,
5. Personal Training Techniques (Motivation etc.,).
The modules preparations include the drafting of module syllabuses and materials for trainees and trainers which will be available on-line in the project web page.

PROBLEMS addressed in LeoShape:
– target group: care workers, people with disabilities (mental health problems)
– overweight, obesity
– physical activity, life quality, health of people with mental health disorders
– lifelong learning opportunities for care workers
– improved competitiveness in the labour market for the care workers

The partners in the project will apply the following APPROACH:
– analysis of needs in the field of care workers in mental health services
– preparation of educational modules
– dissemination of results
– implementation of results
– evaluation of the results
– satisfaction assessment of the trainers and trainees

At the beginning of the project there will be a Quality Board established in order to monitor the progress of the project and to monitor the development of project results, pilot trainings and the evaluation of project results.