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Olympic spirit

Since today the Olympic Winter games are staring in Sochi…


“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” –Olympic Charter

LeoShape development

It is true that we haven’t posted in some time, but that doesn’t mean we were inactive in the meantime. We were busy implementing the pilot trainings and collecting a lot of feedback from the participants to improve the final results.

In November the project consortium has met for the 3rd meeting in Setubal (Portugal). The Portuguese team were exceptional hosts and we had a very intensive and fruitful meeting. We have discussed the contents of the planned five modules very thoroughly. In spring next year we’ll be happy to implement the pilot seminars.

Coming up soon is also the 3rd project newsletter.


Here are some photo impressions about our work in Portugal:

IMG_0368 IMG_0377 IMG_0379 IMG_0380 IMG_0382 IMG_0389 IMG_0390 IMG_0400 IMG_0406 IMG_0437 IMG_0438 IMG_0439 IMG_0474 IMG_0935

LeoShape at “Nočna 10ka”

Ozara Slovenija was for the third time the sponsor of the recreational night run at the pictoresque Bled lake. The main aim of the recreational run is to inform the public about mental health and to overcome obstacles in a symbolic meaning. This time also LeoShape project was represented.

A big thank you goes to Špela from Bodifit, who did a great job in warming us up for the 1200-meter-run.


More photos


IMAG0019 IMAG0025 Nocna2013_3 Nocna2013_4Nocna2013_5

Aerobics Marathon

One of the Slovenian partners, Bodifit, is organising an aerobics marathons with the aim to raise funds to buy sports equipment for the users of Ozara Slovenia.

Wellcome to join!


Partners’ meeting in Valladolid

Project partners are going to meet next month in Valladolid (Spain), where the Spanish project partner is located.

We are looking forward to a meeting where more than 20 participants from the five project partners will come together. We will study the results of the target group’s needs assesment and set up the contects of the five planned modules of the educational curriculum. But some time will also be dedicated to learn about the best practice models Fundacion Intras is implementing and exchange knowledge and experience. And – as the project suggests – we are going to be active!

If you would like to suggest topics we need to include in the curriculum, please visit our Facebook page and leave a comment!

Why should we have an active start in the day?

Did you know that during a morning workout you use up the fat supplies in your body more effectively? That our body, even after a one-hour-workout, more effectively uses the calories up to 24 hours? Research also suggests that the morning level of the serotonine (‘happiness hormone’) helps to cope with the daily stress. All we have to do is to spare that one hour of sleep and to devote it to ourselves and indulge in the positive effects of the morning workout. You know the saying ‘The early bird catches the bug’? And who does not want to spend a successful day with a smile on your face and full of positive energy.



* We have the most energy in the morning. Therefore we can have a more intensive workout, which means a speed-up of your metabolism and increased calory usage

* The morning level of glicogene (main source of energy in your body) is the lowest and that is whay the body starts to use up the body fat – which finally is the goal

* If we fill our body with endophine in the morning, the day will be nicer and we will have more energy

* Physical activity is very effective when it comes to waking up our mental functions – more oxygen reaches the brain and this empowers us to handle with the mental efforts during the day

* Because of a morning worout we will be able to fall asleep earlier in the evening – morning workout helps to set up your inner clock.

LeoShape Newsletter

Part of the project plan, which is dedicated to the dissemination of the results, foresees the publication of project newsletters quarterly.

The first issue was published in January 2013.

You can subscribe for the newsletter here.

LeoShape TV presentation

We are proud to present you the link to the “Dobro jutro” morning show at the Slovenian national TV, where Marko and Mateja presented the Leoshape project.

Dobro jutro, 19 Dec 2012

LeoShape – The Project

Struggling with overweight? Thinking of engaging a personal trainer? The partnership of five excellent partners will provide high quality educational modules for care workers who work with people with mental health disorders. Physical activity is the more important for the target group of people with mental health disorders, since due to their illness they are at high risk of overweight and obesity. The partners are committed to improving the qualification of care workers in each participating country and to make the qualifications in partner countries more transparent and comparable (also a draft for ECVET credits). These educational modules will provide care workers with crucial information about the most common mental health disorders, healthy nutrition, a healthy lifestyles, workout, physiotherapeutics and basics about being a personal trainer. These modules will be available in the project web-page and will be available in the partners’ national languages (Slovenian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian) and in English.
Care workers working in different institutions and organisation with people with mental health problems are more vulnerable than the ‘general’ population. Therefore, it is especially important to provide these care workers with additional knowledge in order to respond to the requirements of their working place. However, it is well known that care workers specialised skills and knowledge to work with people with mental health disorders.
All partners are leading capacities in their field nationally with international reputation, which guarantees excellent project results.